The Techniques Of Springboard Diving

The Techniques Of Springboard Diving

By Charles Batterman

An essential text, both for the beginner and the advanced athlete.





An essential text, both for the beginner and the advanced athlete.

This is the first book on diving to progress beyond the beginner's stage. although open to the beginner, it will come into full use in the hands of the advanced performer and his coach. A careful balance is maintained between encouraging the instinctive response ("The truth of the matter is that good divers do the natural and correct thing—despite coaching!") and encouraging the diver to act in accordance with basic physical principles that are instilled so deeply they become second nature to him.

The author abjures the folklore of traditional diving instruction in favor of an approach solidly based on the science of mechanics. Such concepts as the moment of inertia and the conservation of angular momentum are simply and graphically explained. This is by no means empty scientific bravado—in giving the diver a genuine knowledge of why certain motions produce certain results, the book will impart more confidence than a mere set of precepts telling him what to do.All the main groups of dives are covered in separate chapters. The "saving of dives," an essential development of modern diving, is treated, and there is a chapter on the judging of diving. The book is profusely illustrated with drawings and photographs, including for the first time stroboscopic movie action shots (each frame at 1/100,000 of a second) of current National and Olympic champions.


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  • Bob Clotworthy says in his forward, 'In 1956, I had the opportunity to be coached by Charlie Batterman. I was already a National Champion, and an Olympian, but in a few weekends I found out how little I really knew about diving. Charlie was the first one to stress the importance of the scientific approach.' We agree with Bob Clotworthy. 'This book is a must for all coaches and competitors who want to reach their full potential in diving.'

    Swimming World

  • Charles Batterman, one of the nation's leading experts on diving, has written a book described as 'the first on diving to progress beyond the beginner's state.'In separate chapters, the book covers all the main groups of dives. There are chapters on the 'saving' of dives (how to rectify a fault in the air) and judging. There are stroboscopic movie action shots, each frame at one-hundred thousandth of a second, of Olympic and national championships.'

    The New York Times


  • From the standpoint of mechanical analysis and the scientific approach, the book has no equal... a must, whether you have been active in diving only one year or for fifty years.

    Bob Webster

    Diving coach, winner of the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Gold Medal

  • This scientific approach to the subject and its appropriate illustrations make it an excellent textbook for this type of athlete.

    Avery Brundage