Technology and the New Economy

Technology and the New Economy

By Chong-En Bai and Chi-Wa Yuen

Essays on the effects of information technology on the economy.





Essays on the effects of information technology on the economy.

One of the most important forces driving economic performance in the United States and other countries during the 1990s was the rise of information technology. The new technology has had such a significant impact on the economy that "the new economy" emerged as a popular term in both the media and academia.

This book, written in an accessible style, examines basic questions about the effects of information technology on various aspects of the economy. The topics include the relationship between innovation and the stock market value of the innovating firm; competition policy; demand factors as determinants of growth; institutional aspects of the innovation process; and the effectiveness of monetary policy in stabilizing the economy.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262025348 312 pp. | 5.375 in x 8 in 23 illus.


  • After a decade of debate, there is now a consensus among economists on the central role of information technology as driver of economic growth in today's economy. But, as the papers in this volume illustrate, the real key to productivity growth is not the technology itself, but rather the corporate and governmental institutions that the technology enables and requires. Bai and Yuen have assembled a group of the world's top scholars to grapple with these issues, and the result is essential reading for any serious student of technological change and growth.

    Erik Brynjolfsson

    Schussel Professor,  Sloan School of Management, MIT, and editor of Understanding the Digital Economy (MIT Press, 2000)