Theory for Economic Efficiency
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Theory for Economic Efficiency

Essays in Honor of Abba P. Lerner

Edited by Harry I. Greenfield, Albert M. Levenson, William Hamovitch and Eugene Rotwein




Paul Samuelson once noted that "Abba Lerner has been a great theoretical economist in a vintage epoch for theorists. This last third of a century he has poured out one brilliant paper after another-in micro theory and macro, in pure thought, and in the realms of policy."Lerner's colleagues at Queens College have assembled these essays on issues of considerable importance in the world economy, particularly in areas of social welfare, as "a tribute to a great economist who has made significant and long-lasting contributions to many fields of economic theory and policy."


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Harry I. Greenfield

Albert M. Levenson

William Hamovitch

Eugene Rotwein