Weber and Rickert
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From Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought

Weber and Rickert

Concept Formation in the Cultural Sciences

By Guy Oakes





Philosophers and social scientists will welcome this highly original discussion of Max Weber's analysis of the objectivity of social science. Guy Oakes traces the vital connection between Weber's methodology and the work of philosopher Heinrich Rickert, reconstructing Rickert's notoriously difficult concepts in order to isolate the important, and until now poorly understood, roots of problems in Weber's own work.


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  • [Oakes'] contention that Weber's methodology is logically dependent on Rickert's value philosophy, that Rickert cannot solve the problem of the objectivity of values, and that Weber's methodology therefore fails is provocative, and it is put forward in such a substantiated manner that it elevates the discussion surrounding Weber's methodology to a new level.

    Wolfgang Schluchter

    Institut für Soziologie der Universität Heidelberg