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CD-ROM | Out of Print | ISBN: 9780262561167 | 0 pp. | 5.5 x 4.9 in | May 1998


An Electronic Lexical Database
Introduction by George Miller


in cooperation with the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University

WordNet is an on-line lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory; version 1.6 is the most up-to-date version of the system. The WordNet CD-ROM contains the complete WordNet system for PC and Macintosh computers, including the database and semantic concordance packages. Version 1.6 contains the WordNet database, browser software, source code, and documentation. These packages for Unix platforms are also included, as well as additional packages such as the Prolog version of the database.

If installed on a system's hard drive, the WordNet database package requires at least 22MB of disk space; installation of optional index files increases the requirement to 37MB. An additional 43MB of disk space is required to install the semantic concordance package.

The PC version of the browser runs under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. A command line interface runs under DOS. The Macintosh version runs on Power Macintosh systems only.