Zone 1/2

Zone 1/2

The Contemporary City

Edited by Michel Feher and Sanford Kwinter

Distributed for Zone Books




This inaugural double issue of the serial publication ZONE examines the physical, political, and perceptual transformations redefining the contemporary city.These transformations are explored through historical studies of transformations in the urban system, through theoretical essays which map out the evolution of related social and economic structures (such as the state, the family, and the factory), and through experimental artist projects and critical dossiers.

Contributors Include Christopher Alexander, John Baldessari, Gilles Deleuze, Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas, William Labov, Michael Piore, and Paul Virilio


Out of Print ISBN: 9780942299229 485 pp. |


Michel Feher

Michel Feher, a Belgian philosopher, is the author of Powerless by Design: The Age of the International Community and the editor of Nongovernmental Politics and Europe at a Crossroads, among other titles. Founder of Cette France-là, a monitoring group on French immigration policy, Feher is also a founding editor of Zone Books.

Sanford Kwinter

Sanford Kwinter is a New York-based writer. He teaches design in the School of Architecture at Rice University.