Subject: Business, economics, and finance

Business, economics, and finance

“Our business, economics, and finance lists seek to clarify key issues in the social sciences in ways that can inform decision making at the individual, organizational, and policy levels. We publish books for general readers, business managers, and students as well as for researchers in the social sciences. The topics we cover range widely, from strategic communication to public policy to decision making.”
Catherine Woods, Executive Editor, Economics, Finance, Business

Inclusion on Purpose

Ruchika Tulshyan, Ijeoma Oluo

Emergency Money

Tom Wilkinson

Work without Jobs

Ravin Jesuthasan, John W. Boudreau

Productive Tensions

Christopher B. Bingham, Rory M. McDonald

The Smart Mission

Edward J. Hoffman, Matthew Kohut, Laurence Prusak

The Great Remobilization

Olaf Groth, Mark Esposito, Terence Tse

The Work of the Future

David Autor, David A. Mindell, Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Robert M. Solow

Data Is Everybody's Business

Barbara H. Wixom, Cynthia M. Beath, Leslie Owens

Diversity Dividend

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Policies

Edouard Challe, Susan Emanuel

Systemic Risk, Crises, and Macroprudential Regulation

Xavier Freixas, Luc Laeven, José-Luis Peydró

The Age of Prediction

Igor Tulchinsky, Christopher E. Mason

How We Give Now

Lucy Bernholz

Combating Inequality

Olivier Blanchard, Dani Rodrik

The Unequal Effects of Globalization

Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg, Greg Larson


James W. Cortada

The Promise and Peril of Entrepreneurship

Robert W. Fairlie, Zachary Kroff, Javier Miranda, Nikolas Zolas

Lifelines of Our Society

Dirk van Laak, Paul N. Edwards, Erik Butler

The Transformation Myth

Gerald C. Kane, Rich Nanda, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky

Workforce Ecosystems

Elizabeth J. Altman, David Kiron, Jeff Schwartz, Robin Jones

Waiting to Inhale

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, Tahira Rehmatullah

Open Strategy

Christian Stadler, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen, Gary Hamel

The Parent Trap

Nate G. Hilger

Causal Inference

Paul R. Rosenbaum

Worn Out

Madison Van Oort