Subject: Education and learning

Education and learning

“Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion have become central to the way that we investigate all aspects of learning. Technology is also a central concern of the MIT Press education and learning list—the history of technology and media in schools, current debates about the deployment of educational technologies, and the potential of the affordances of digital media to increase access and agency at all levels of learning, from kindergarten to higher education.”
Susan Buckley, Acquisitions Editor, Education and Learning, Science Fiction

Transforming School Food Politics around the World

Jennifer E. Gaddis, Sarah A. Robert, Silvia Federici

Computational Thinking Curricula in K–12

Harold Abelson, Siu-Cheung Kong

Voices on the Margins

Yenda Prado, Mark Warschauer


Chris Higgins

The Left Hand of Data

Matthew Berland, Antero Garcia

Schools and Screens

Victoria Cain

Academic Star Wars

Maria Yudkevich, Philip G. Altbach, Jamil Salmi

Critical Data Literacies

Luci Pangrazio, Neil Selwyn

The Claims of Life

Diana Chapman Walsh

Code to Joy

Michael L. Littman

Knowledge for Sale

Lawrence Busch

The Abundant University

Michael D. Smith

Sharing Our Science

Brandon R. Brown, Julia Schaletzky

The Sound of Innovation

Andrew J. Nelson

The Knowledge Capital of Nations

Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Woessmann

The Real World of College

Wendy Fischman, Howard Gardner

The Distributed Classroom

David A. Joyner, Charles Isbell

Algorithmic Rights and Protections for Children

Mizuko Ito, Remy Cross, Karthik Dinakar, Candice Odgers