Subject: Science, technology, and society

Science, technology, and society

“Our science, technology, and society titles look at the ways that values shape culture and are shaped by culture. We seek to publish original, thoughtful, and well-written books on important issues that also have a positive impact on the world.”
Katie Helke, Acquisitions Editor, Science, Technology & Society, MIT & Regional Interest

Dark Star

Matthew H. Hersch

Autographic Design

Dietmar Offenhuber

A Woman's Right to Know

Jesse Olszynko-Gryn

No Heavenly Bodies

Christine E. Evans, Lars Lundgren

Dare to Invent the Future

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga


Diana Kamin

A Theory of Everyone

Michael Muthukrishna

Communications Breakdown

Jonathan Strahan

On the Brink of Utopia

Thomas Ramge, Rafael Laguna de la Vera, Stefan Hell

Machines like Us

Ronald J. Brachman, Hector J. Levesque

Nature-Made Economy

Kristin Asdal, Tone Huse

We, the Data

Wendy H. Wong

Data Feminism

Catherine D'Ignazio, Lauren F. Klein

Working-Class Network Society

Jack Linchuan Qiu, Manuel Castells, Carolyn Cartier

Person, Thing, Robot

David J. Gunkel

Memory, Edited

Abby Smith Rumsey

On Disinformation

Lee McIntyre

Writing for Their Lives

Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette

Real Life in Real Time

Johanna Brewer, Bo Ruberg, Amanda L. L. Cullen, Christopher J. Persaud


Imari Walker-Franklin, Jenna Jambeck

How We Give Now

Lucy Bernholz

Regulating Code

Ian Brown, Christopher T. Marsden

Lifelines of Our Society

Dirk van Laak, Paul N. Edwards, Erik Butler

Machineries of Oil

Katayoun Shafiee

The Joy of Search

Daniel M. Russell

The Digital Closet

Alexander Monea, Violet Blue


Sophie Hamacher, Jessica Hankey

Beyond Digital

Mario Carpo

Parenting on Earth

Elizabeth Cripps

Ending Epidemics

Richard Conniff

More than a Glitch

Meredith Broussard


Erika Nesvold

Fertility Technology

Donna J. Drucker