Subject: Social sciences

Social sciences

“The fans of our cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology lists are adventurous souls. These are readers who venture beyond disciplinary boundaries into challenging topics that pique their interest, regardless of their own academic background. MIT Press readers want the books that are ‘not on the syllabus,’ so to speak. Required reading is important, but so is suggested reading. And banned books are the best of all.”
Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Bioethics

Digital Ethology

Tomáš Paus, Hye-Chung Kum

Critical Perspectives on Ancient DNA

Daniel Strand, Anna Källén, Charlotte Mulcare


Rachel Hall-Clifford, Arthur Kleinman, Waleska López Canu

Counting Feminicide

Catherine D'Ignazio

The Creative Brain

Anna Abraham


Stephanie Haerdle, Elisabeth Lauffer


Erika Dyck

The Human Disease

Sabrina Sholts, Lonnie G. Bunch III

A Brief History of Feminism

Patu, Antje Schrupp, Sophie Lewis

Migration Stigma

Lawrence H. Yang, Maureen A. Eger, Bruce G. Link

The Biology of Kindness

Immaculata De Vivo, Daniel Lumera, Fabio De Vivo

The Science of Weird Shit

Chris French, Richard Wiseman

Discriminating Data

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

Rebel Health

Susannah Fox


Susan Buck-Morss

Categories We Live By

Gregory L. Murphy

After Eating

Lindsay Kelley

Expanding Mindscapes

Erika Dyck, Chris Elcock

A Theory of Everyone

Michael Muthukrishna

On the Brink of Utopia

Thomas Ramge, Rafael Laguna de la Vera, Stefan Hell


Afonso Dias Ramos, Tom Snow

In Visible Presence

Oksana Sarkisova, Olga Shevchenko

Racism Untaught

Lisa E. Mercer, Terresa Moses, Cheryl D. Miller


Carles Lalueza-Fox

The Self-Organizing Social Mind

John Bolender, Alan Page Fiske

What Makes Us Social?

Chris Frith, Uta Frith

Curious Minds

Perry Zurn, Dani S. Bassett

Memory, Edited

Abby Smith Rumsey

Illusions in Motion

Erkki Huhtamo

Families on the Edge

Elizabeth Carpenter-Song

Open Minded

Ben R. Newell, David R. Shanks

Dictionary of Gestures

François Caradec, Chris Clarke

A History of the Social Sciences in 101 Books

Cyril Lemieux, Laurent Berger, Marielle Macé, Gildas Salmon, Cécile Vidal, Adrian Morfee

Out of Touch

Michelle Drouin

Green Card Soldier

Sofya Aptekar

The Science-Music Borderlands

Elizabeth H. Margulis, Psyche Loui, Deirdre Loughridge

The Language of the Face

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

We Are All Monsters

Andrew Mangham