Bauhaus and the MIT Press

Celebrated for the elegant austerity of its designs, the Bauhaus is among the most influential movements in the history of twentieth-century art, architecture, and design. Events, exhibitions, and publications around the world will mark the significance and relevance of the Bauhaus experiment. The MIT Press extends the legacy of the Bauhaus—from the many books on the topic that we publish to our legendary colophon, created by Muriel Cooper—a branding device that required no words, that said exactly and only what it needed to say, without explanation or translation.


Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago

by Hans M. Wingler

"The Bauhaus by Hans Wingler, scholarly written and profusely illustrated, is the most reliable documentary book on the history and activities of the Bauhaus" — Walter Gropius

The definitive guide to the Bauhaus School—from its origins in Weimar to its establishment in Dessau and Berlin to its eventual but short-lived appearance as the New Bauhaus in Chicago. Fifty years later, this book remains the definitive resource on the development, accomplishments, and legacy of the Bauhaus, a school that would shape modernist architecture, design, and typography, and much of the discourse surrounding it.