Reading Season Holiday Sale 2022

We are preparing ourselves for the winter chill in the time-honored fashion of all readers—by gathering our books, blankets, and mugs of our favorite hot beverage to perch next to a fireplace for the next three-to-five months. This reading season, we invite you grab a blanket and a few of the books below, and join us. We've got something for every shelf.

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This includes new releases, textbooks, scholarly monographs, distributed titles, and everything else in our catalog!


For the nerdy reader

For the curious reader

For the visionary reader

For the creative reader

Parenting with care

From economics, memoir, technology, and society, our peer-reviewed titles on parenting come from perspectives of compassion, expertise, and experience.

Designing Motherhood

Cambridge, MA born and read

We are always excited to publish works celebrating the innovation and history of our region—including Karen Weintraub and Michael Kuchta’s Born in Cambridge, Robert Buderi’s Where Futures Converge, and Maia Weinstock’s Carbon Queen.

Books to transform your travels

We compiled a collection of books for the armchair traveler seeking an enriching escape. Embark on a transformative journey of the self, travel boundlessly through hidden gems and mysterious villages, unveil thriving countercultures, and travel back in time.

Best books for nerds

Learn more about the best nerdy titles on our list, with books on snails, 3D printing, and the sex lives of animals.

Best books for dabblers

Learn more about our titles to pique your curiosity, with books on the ethics of robots, neuroscience experiments, the nature of curiosity, and more.

For young adult readers

For the science fiction buff

For the natural history fan

For the thrify shopper

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Terms and conditions apply.