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Beth Clevenger

Senior Acquisitions Editor

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Beth Clevenger, Acquisitions Editor

Beth acquires books on the environment and urbanism, which necessarily and to her great delight includes work across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Trade projects on international relations and security studies are also welcome. She takes seriously the MIT Press legacy of publishing research at the frontiers and is especially drawn to radical and rigorous projects, whether they’re aimed at fellow scholars or decoded for curious general readers.

Fields of particular interest are environmental science and technology, food studies, urbanism, geography, environmental politics, justice, and history. Given the pressing problems associated with the Anthropocene and MIT’s bent for problem solving, she welcomes books on sustainability, which has emerged as a fitting theme for the more applied works we publish. Beth can be reached at and her Twitter profile is @elleighclev.

Forthcoming and Recent Notable Titles:

What a City Is For
The Wild and the Wicked
A World to Live In
Greening the Global Economy

Matt Hern

Benjamin Hale

Hugh Gusterson

George M. Woodwell

Robert Pollin

Sharing Cities
Bicycle Design
The Arid Lands

Duncan McLaren

Julian Agyeman

Tony Hadland

Hans-Erhard Lessing

Diana K. Davis