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Philip Laughlin

Senior Acquisitions Editor

All Editors

Since joining the Press in the fall of 2009, Philip has acquired textbooks, trade books, reference works, and scholarly monographs for MIT’s philosophy and cognitive science list. He believes the most compelling books are inherently interdisciplinary and loves working with authors — particularly first-time book authors — who attempt to build bridges between the sciences and the humanities. This outlook is reflected in his publications at The MIT Press, which cover topics ranging from consciousness, evolution, language, memory, creativity, and artificial intelligence to art, dreams, free will, madness, morality, religion, time, and death. Phil can be reached at and his Twitter profile is @PhilipLaughlin.

Selection of notable recent and forthcoming titles;

Creating Language
Reading Heidegger's Black Notebooks 1931–1941
The Ancient Origins of Consciousness
The Rationality Quotient
Philosophy of Language

Morten H. Christiansen

Nick Chater

Ingo Farin

Jeff Malpas

Todd E. Feinberg

Jon M. Mallatt

Keith E. Stanovich

Richard F. West

Maggie E. Toplak

Colin McGinn

Becoming Fluent
How Things Shape the Mind
Feeling Beauty
Late-Talking Children

Richard M. Roberts

Roger J. Kreuz

Lambros Malafouris

G. Gabrielle Starr

Stephen M. Camarata