Allen R. Hanson

  • Vision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation

    Michael A. Arbib and Allen R. Hanson

    These nineteen original essays present current developments in the exciting field of vision research, stressing contributions from neurophysiology, psychophysics, and computer science. They are unified by the theme of how best to structure the computations for visual systems and are placed in perspective by a major integrative essay provided by the editors.

    Broad in scope and packed with useful detail, Vision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation covers the entire range of perceptual experience from sensors to learning. Crossing several traditional disciplinary boundaries, it offers valuable insights into artificial intelligence and cognitive science with diverse and timely essays on visual neurophysiology, visual psychophysics, machine vision and robotics, and connectionism and cooperative computation.

    Vision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation is included in the series Computational Models of Cognition and Perception, edited by Jerome A. Feldman, Patrick J. Hayes, and David E. Rumelhart.

    A Bradford Book.

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