A. Amorosi

  • Fast Reactor Technology

    Plant Design

    John G. Yevick and A. Amorosi

    This is the first compilation of information on the technology and engineering plant design of fast nuclear reactors built or being built in the world today. The availability of this information in one place should stimulate increased interest in the development of this very promising reactor concept. The subject matter covers an introduction to fast reactors, coolant properties including heat transfer and fluid flow of liquid metals, structural analysis, heat transport systems, feedwater, turbine-generator, and condensate systems, plant structure and siting, fuel handling, shielding, plant instrumentation and control, economics, and a description of each fast reactor. It is unique not only because this is the only book written on the subject of fast reactor plant design but also because the author, while preparing this study as an employee of Atomic Power Development Associates (the designer of Fermi, the first commercial fast reactor), was in a position to obtain and evaluate the technology of all fast reactors.

    Fast Reactor Technology – Plant Design has been prepared at a time when the technology of fast reactors has progressed to a point where commercial exploitation appears feasible, requiring the establishment of an accepted technology. The treatment is sufficiently extensive to inform the reader of all design considerations but not so detailed as to include trivial information.

    Written for the reactor engineer or designer interested in fast reactors, the volume will also be of interested to scientists and engineers working with liquid metals. Students of nuclear engineering and plant design will find it an invaluable source. The approach of the book is to discuss each component of the reactor system separately so that the reader may go directly to the appropriate discussion. Fast Reactor Technology fills a special need as it is the only extensive compilation of information on this reactor concept available to industrial concerns, reactor designers, and students.

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