Bert G. Hickman

Bert G. Hickman is Professor of Economics at Stanford University.

  • Global Econometrics

    Essays in Honor of Lawrence R. Klein

    F. Gerard Adams and Bert G. Hickman

    These nineteen original essays by such internationally known economists as Paul Samuelson, Albert Ando, Nissan Liviatan, Wilhelm Krelle, Phoebus Dhrymes, Mitsuo Saito, T. W. Anderson, R. J. Ball, and twenty-two others, pay tribute to Lawrence Klein, recipient of the 1980 Nobel Prize in economics. But this collection is global in more than one sense. Aspects of theory, methodology, micro and macro and open-economy applications are all covered. Among the most notable essays are "Equilibrium Business-Cycle Models: An Appraisal" by Albert Ando (in part I, Economic Theory), "Comparison of the Densities of the TSLS and LIMLK Estimators for Simultaneous Equations" by T. W. Anderson, Naoto Kunitomo, and Takumitzu Sawa (in part II, Econometric Methodology, "The Share of Services in Economic Growth" by Irving Kravis, Alan Heston, and Robert Summers (in part III, Applied Microeconomics,) "Redistribution of Earnings by Unemployment and Inflation" by Jere Behrman and Paul Taubman (in part IV, Applied Macroeconomics: National), and "A Global Model of Oil-Price Impacts" by F. Gerard Adams and Jaime Marquez and "A Decomposition of International Income Multipliers" by Bert Hickman and Victor Filatov (in part V, Applied Macroeconomics: International).

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