The Brandt Commission

  • Common Crisis North-South

    Common Crisis North-South

    Cooperation for World Recovery

    The Brandt Commission

    Common Crisis is a call to world government for emergency measures to halt International economic collapse and avoid the political anarchy that would inevitably follow. Three years ago, the Independent Commission on International Development Issues, under the Chairmanship of Willy Brandt, published its prophetic report, North-South: A Program for Survival (MIT Press paperback). This widely publicized earlier report spelled out the extent of the mutual interests between North and South and appealed for a program to avert disaster for the poorest countries, for a longer-term reorganization of the global economic system, and for a summit meeting of world leaders. Now, worsening economic conditions and the lack of global cooperation have impelled the Brandt Commission to prepare a new report - this time on not just what to do about the Third World but how to deal with our common crisis - to try to break the deadlock and avert economic collapse. In lucid and forceful terms, this book describes the different elements of crisis - in trade, in energy, in food - and concentrates on the overriding problem of how to compensate for the decline in liquidity, to reverse the decline in trade, and to revive the world economy.

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