C. K. Yang

Dr. Yang is with the Social Science Research Institute, Unuiversity of Hawaii.

  • Chinese Communist Society

    The Family and the Village

    C. K. Yang

    In this one volume, Chinese Communist Society: The Family and The Village, are unique studies dealing with contemporary changes in Chinese village society and with the transformation of the family system under the impact of the Communist revolution. They are unique because Dr. Yang did his field work in China in a critical period of Chinese history: he began during the last year of nationalist rule and continued through the first two years of the Communist regime. His is probably the only analysis of the change in the family system, the problems of marriage and divorce, the status of women, the changing economic structure, and the disorganization of the Clan made from on-the-spot observations in this period of upheaval.

    Chinese Communist Society: The Family and The Village will serve as a valuable supplement text in sociology, anthropology, and political science courses. Dr. Yang's readable style makes his studies rewarding to everyone interested in Far Eastern affairs, the methodology of Communism and current events.

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