Carol Tropp Schreiber

  • Changing Places

    Changing Places

    Men and Women in Transitional Occupations

    Carol Tropp Schreiber

    A study of men entering traditional women's occupations and women entering traditional men's occupations.

    "What happens when men enter positions traditionally thought to be the domain of women, such as clerical work, and women enter positions traditionally thought to be the domain of men, such as craft work? These were the basic questions confronting Schreiber in this thoughtful analysis of a set of workers too seldom included in the scientific and popular literature on changing sex roles. Instead of focusing on the more glamorous or visible occupations, such as the professions of airline pilots and flight attendants, Schreiber examined industrial and lower level clerical workers.... This is a useful study. The research strategy and methodology are carefully explained and can serve as a model for others. The pitfalls that everyone confronts are acknowledged and the doubts that all researchers face are described. The study contains careful statistical analyses and excellent descriptive data."

    Richard H. Hall, Industrial and Labor Relations Review

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