Charlotte Algie

  • Perspecta 52

    Perspecta 52


    Charlotte Algie and Alicia Pozniak

    Considering a redefinition of global space.

    This fifty-second issue of Perspecta—the oldest and most distinguished student-edited architectural journal in America—frames speculation about a possible architecture of the city in a new continuum of the political and architectural histories of style. The cohort of cross-disciplinary contemporary speculations included in this issue encompasses writers in theories of global architectural history, literary theory, political theory, and nascent urban studies. They seek, through examinations of diverse geographic and cultural case studies, largely unstudied previously, to establish the generative and projective basis for a redefinition of global public space.

    Contributors Hayden Bassett, Anya Bokov, Kim Bowes, Alex Bremner, Matteo Burioni, Swati Chattopadhyay, Jean-Louis Cohen, Mark Crinson, Nandini Das, Arko Datto, Sami Henni, Heyward Hart, Mark Jarzombek, Vladimir Kulić, Jimenez Lai, Hannah Le Roux, John Loring, Zahra Malkani and Shahana Rajani, Emily Mann, Christina Maranci, Edward Mitchell, Brian Norwood, Itohan Oyasimwese, Cristina Osswald, Curtis Roth, Tapati Guha-Thakurta, Hans Tursack, Yasmin Vobis and Aaron Forrest, .

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