Christopher Josiffe

Christopher Josiffe is a regular contributor to Fortean Times and has also been published in Faunus, Abraxas, and The Pomegranate. He has given lectures at the Ghost Club, the Society for Psychical Research, Senate House Library and the Fortean Times Unconvention.

  • Gef!


    The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose

    Christopher Josiffe

    An exhaustive investigation of the case of Gef, a “talking mongoose” or “man-weasel,” who appeared to a family living on the Isle of Man.

    “I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world!”

    During the mid-1930s, British and overseas newspapers were full of incredible stories about Gef, a “talking mongoose” or “man-weasel” who had allegedly appeared in the home of the Irvings, a farming family in a remote district of the Isle of Man. The creature was said to speak in several languages, to sing, to steal objects from nearby farms, and to eavesdrop on local people.

    Despite written reports, magazine articles and books, several photographs, fur samples and paw prints, voluminous correspondence, and signed eyewitness statements, there is still no consensus as to what was really happening to the Irving family.

    Was it a hoax? An extreme case of folie à plusieurs? A poltergeist? The possession of an animal by an evil spirit? Now you can read all the evidence and decide for yourself. Seven years' research and interviews, photographs (many previously unseen), interviews with surviving witnesses, visits to the site—all are presented in this book, the first examination of the case for seventy years.

    In the words of its mischievous, enigmatic subject, “If you knew what I know, you'd know a hell of a lot!"

    • Paperback $21.95


  • Strange Attractor Journal Five

    Strange Attractor Journal Five

    Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe

    The return of the Strange Attractor Journal, offering a characteristically eclectic collection of high weirdness from the margins of culture.

    After seven years of silence, the acclaimed Strange Attractor Journal returns with a characteristically eclectic collection of high weirdness from the margins of culture. Covering previously uncharted regions of history, anthropology, art, literature, architecture, science, and magic since 2004, each Journal has presented new and unprecedented research into areas that scholarship has all too often ignored.

    Featuring essays from academics, artists, enthusiasts, and sorcerers, Journal Five explores matters including the folklore of foghorns; the occult origins of the dissident surrealist secret society the Acéphale; the pleasures of heathen falconry; the dark cosmological mysteries of Bremen's Haus Atlantis; a provisional taxonomy of animals with human faces; a twentieth-century crucifixion on Hampstead Heath, and an unpublished horror script by David MacGillivray and Ken Hollings.

    Journal Five sees Strange Attractor continuing in its mission to celebrate unpopular culture.

    Join us.

    • Paperback $24.95