David Berkowitz

  • Optical and Electro-Optical Information Processing

    James T. Tippett, David Berkowitz, Lewis C. Clapp, Charles J. Koester, and Alexander Vanderburgh, Jr.

    This book comprises the Proceedings of a Symposium on Optical and Electro-Optical Information Processing Technology held in Boston. The aims of the Symposium were to promote information exchange between research workers in the field, to focus further attention on the new optical and electro-optical techniques being developed for use in information systems, and to inform those not in this field of research of its future potential. Specifically, the papers discuss optical and electro-optical techniques for storage, logic, display, and sensing; recent related device and circuit research on optical generation, detection, modulation, amplification, and control; and recent information processing research, including such fields as optical character reading, information retrieval, and digital processing systems.

    This volume is unique in that it provides thorough coverage of recent advances in optical and optoelectronic devices, circuits, and systems for information processing, collected and concisely organized in a single volume.

    Computer engineers, optical physicists, research scientists in the field of optics, and those outside the field who are particularly interested in the subject will find a wealth of valuable information in these papers.

    • Hardcover $35.00