Dietolf Ramm

Dietolf Ramm Associate Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Duke University. He is also Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  • Great Ideas in Computer Science with Java

    Great Ideas in Computer Science with Java

    Alan W. Biermann and Dietolf Ramm

    A broad yet deep presentation of the most important concepts in computer science, using the Java programming language for exercises.

    This book presents the "great ideas" of computer science, condensing a large amount of complex material into a manageable, accessible form; it does so using the Java programming language. The book is based on the problem-oriented approach that has been so successful in traditional quantitative sciences. For example, the reader learns about database systems by coding one in Java, about system architecture by reading and writing programs in assembly language, about compilation by hand-compiling Java statements into assembly language, and about noncomputability by studying a proof of noncomputability and learning to classify problems as either computable or noncomputable. The book covers an unusually broad range of material at a surprisingly deep level. It also includes chapters on networking and security. Even the reader who pursues computer science no further will acquire an understanding of the conceptual structure of computing and information technology that every well-informed citizen should have.

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