Francesca Bray

Francesca Bray's recent books include Technology, Gender and History in Imperial China and Rice: Global Networks and New Histories. She is coeditor of the forthcoming Cambridge History of Technology and a recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci Medal for the History of Technology.

  • Technology in World Civilization, Revised And Expanded Edition

    A Thousand-Year History

    Arnold Pacey and Francesca Bray

    The new edition of a milestone work on the global history of technology.

    This milestone history of technology, first published in 1990 and now revised and expanded in light of recent research, broke new ground by taking a global view, avoiding the conventional Eurocentric perspective and placing the development of technology squarely in the context of a “world civilization.” Case studies include “technological dialogues” between China and West Asia in the eleventh century, medieval African states and the Islamic world, and the United States and Japan post-1950. It examines railway empires through the examples of Russia and Japan and explores current synergies of innovation in energy supply and smartphone technology through African cases.

    The book uses the term “technological dialogue” to challenge the top-down concept of “technology transfer,” showing instead that technologies are typically modified to fit local needs and conditions, often triggering further innovation. The authors trace these encounters and exchanges over a thousand years, examining changes in such technologies as agriculture, firearms, printing, electricity, and railroads. A new chapter brings the narrative into the twenty-first century, discussing technological developments including petrochemicals, aerospace, and digitalization from often unexpected global viewpoints and asking what new kind of industrial revolution is needed to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene.

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  • Technology in World Civilization

    Technology in World Civilization

    A Thousand-Year History

    Arnold Pacey and Francesca Bray

    Most general histories of technology are Eurocentrist, focusing on a main line of Western technology that stretches from the Greeks is through the computer. In this very different book, Arnold Pacey takes a global view, placing the development of technology squarely in a "world civilization." He portrays the process as a complex dialectic by which inventions borrowed from one culture are adopted to suit another.

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