Frank Hahn

Frank Hahn, one of Britain's most eminent economists, is Professor of Economics at Cambridge University and author of Equilibrium and Macroeconomics (MIT Press 1985).

  • Critical Essay on Modern Macroeconomic Theory

    Critical Essay on Modern Macroeconomic Theory

    Frank Hahn and Robert M. Solow

    Macroeconomics began as the study of large-scale economic pathologies such as prolonged depression, mass unemployment, and persistent inflation. In the early 1980s, rational expectations and new classical economics dominated macroeconomic theory, with the result that such pathologies can hardly be discussed within the vocabulary of the theory. This essay evolved from the authors' profound disagreement with that trend. It demonstrates not only how the new classical view got macroeconomics wrong, but alsohow to go about doing macroeconomics the right way. Hahn and Solow argue that what was originally offered as a normative model based on perfect foresight and universal perfect competition—useful for predicting what an ideal, omniscient planner should do—has been almost casually transformed into a model for interpreting real macroeconomic behavior, leading to Panglossian economics that does not reflect actual experience. Following an explanation of microeconomic foundations, chapters introduce the basic elements for a better macro model. The model is simple, but combined with the appropriate model of the labor market it can say useful things about the fluctuation of employment, the correlation between wages and employment, and the role for corrective monetary policy.

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  • Money, Growth, and Stability

    Frank Hahn

    This sequel to Frank Hahn's Equilibrium and Macroeconomics presents his theoretical work published over the past thirty years. The twentyone contributions have been selected on the basis of their relevance to current economic debate, and they comprise some of Hahn's most widely cited and influential essays. Organized in five parts - Money, Non-Walrasian Equilibria, Stability, Growth, and Miscellaneous - most of the essays concentrate on monetary theory and economic dynamics (or stability). In the first instance, Hahn shows that classical Arrow-Debreu general equilibrium theory cannot be used for monetary theory. A reconstruction of this theory turns out to have some surprising welfare economics implications. Concerning dynamics, Hahn's main preoccupations are with price dynamics that allow trading at "false" prices and with the stability of growth equilibrium with heterogeneous capital goods, which remains important to current theorizing on rational expectations equilibria.The remaining essays cover a variety of topics such as the influence of uncertainty on savings and excess capacity in imperfect competition. The book also includes an introduction by Hahn commenting on each essay, and his Jevons Lecture, "In Praise of Economic Theory."

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  • Money And Inflation

    Money And Inflation

    Frank Hahn

    On the basis of theoretical considerations and on the evidence of real-world economies, Frank Hahn demonstrates in unequivocal terms that Monetarism offers an implausible solution to the most pervasive economic problems. He confronts the central issue of current economic theory by making the case that the growth of the money supply is not a necessary cause of inflation, as the Monetarists have assumed. And he contends that inflation is in any case not the overwhelming satanic force disrupting society and the economy that the strict Monetarists think it to be on theoretical grounds and so many others feel it to be in terms of practical economic realities. It is the tax systems, he points out, that are the real influence at work against the economies of the industrialized nations.

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