Gottfried Haberler

Gottfried Haberler was Professor of Economics at Harvard University and, after his retirement from Harvard, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

  • Selected Essays of Gottfried Haberler

    Gottfried Haberler and Anthony Y C. Koo

    Gottfried Haberler's contributions to the field of international trade and finance began in the 1920s with a seminal paper on comparative costs. His continuing contributions to open economy analysis, development, business cycles and inflation, the theory of money, and rational expections are highlighted in this selection of 27 essays spanning the years 1925 to 1980. The essays are divided into five major sections, representing the subdisciplines of Haberler's most significant work. The first section on international trade contains his work on comparative costs, comparative advantage, and the location of production and international trade. A section on international finance deals with the state of the international monetary system under conditions of world recession, control over international reserve, U.S. balance-of-payments policy, currency depreciation and the terms of trade, and transfer and price movements. The topic of inflation and business cycles is covered in the third section, with essays on income policies, stagflation, and the Great Depression, and the international transmission of inflation. Section four deals with economic development, and the concluding section contains essays on the theory of money and general macroeconomic theory. Several articles are translated here for the first time and there is a complete bibliography of Haberler's work up to 1980.

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