Isaac Levi

  • The Enterprise of Knowledge

    An Essay on Knowledge, Credal Probability, and Chance

    Isaac Levi

    This major work challenges some widely held positions in epistemology - those of Peirce and Popper on the one hand and those of Quine and Kuhn on the other. The author contends that epistemological infallibilism is compatible with his view that knowledge evolves through a process of updating and correcting. Knowledge is regarded as a resource for decision and inquiry, a standard for serious possibility.

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  • Gambling with Truth

    Gambling with Truth

    An Essay on Induction and the Aims of Science

    Isaac Levi

    A comprehensive discussion of the problem of rational belief which develops the subject on the pattenr of Bayesian decision theory.

    This comprehensive discussion of the problem of rational belief develops the subject on the pattern of Bayesian decision theory. The analogy with decision theory introduces philosophical issues not usually encountered in logical studies and suggests some promising new approaches to old problems.

    "We owe Professor Levi a debt of gratitude for producing a book of such excellence. His own approach to inductive inference is not only original and profound, it also clarifies and transforms the work of his predecessors. In short, the book deserves to become a classic.... There is a great deal of interest in the book besides these basic matters [forumlating rules of acceptance]. Some of the most interesting chapters are those that examine the implications of such rules. The discussions of probability, generalization, and various forms of inference are brilliant and enlightening. Indeed, the problems and methods elaborated by Professor Levi in his book serve as a new foundation for the study of inductive inference."—Keith Lehrer, Nous

    "Levi's book is an extremely interesting report on 'tentative and speculative first steps' toward a decision-theoretic approach to inductive inference.... Professor Levi is to be congratulated on his ingenious development and application of this approach...."—Richard C. Jeffrey, The Journal of Philosophy

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