J. C. Anderson

  • The Chemistry of Diamond-Like Semiconductors

    N. A. Goryunova and J. C. Anderson

    The chemistry of semiconductors has been a rapidly developing field ever since it became clear that physical phenomena in semiconductors were based on the chemical properties of solids, i.e., the positions of elements in the periodic system and, hence, the character of their electronic interactions and the crystal structure. In this monograph the author and her co-workers are concerned with the fundamental problems of the chemistry of diamond-like semiconductors, especially as they relate to the general theory of solid-state physics, the theory of semiconductivity, crystal chemistry, and chemical analysis. The author has formulated the outlines of the chemistry of diamond-like semiconductors primarily in the light of developments in the field since 1950, gathered information from various scattered sources, and presented the data in an organized form designed to facilitate future investigations.

    In providing full coverage of recent experimental data and new general and theoretical aspects of the subject, The Chemistry of Diamond-Like Semiconductors makes a unique and valuable contribution to the field. Every professional chemist, physicist, electrical and electronic engineer, and metallurgist should have this book in his library. Every student and researcher in these and related fields will find a wealth of up-to-date information conveniently collected in a single volume.

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