J. Fred Weston

  • Defense-Space Market Research

    J. Fred Weston

    The $60 billion defense-space market now represents one of the largest areas of business activity in the United States. Though a growing and complex sector of the national economy, the existing literature has not up to this time adequately dealt with this vast and significant market.

    This book considers the nature of the market, including size, composition, evolution, and economic characteristics. It offers a detailed analysis of the defense-space market research process, including an examination of the uses and users of market research data. Numerous case histories of the application of market research to decision making in defense-space companies are provided, while alternative approaches to the organization of market research information are provided,, including a check list of general sources, internal sources, and governmental sources.

    The methods of analysis applicable to processing market research information are treated in detail, and the links between military planning, defense budgeting, and market research, and defense-space market forecasting are identified

    ContributorsC. F. Drown, G. Ebling, R. J. Trainor of the Boeing Co.; L. G. Regan of Douglas Aircraft Co.; R. A. Howard of Electronic Industries Association; R. Greene, G. J. Oberrender of the General Electric Company; S. W. Edmunds, Hugges Aircraft Company; D. L. Dittburner, and S. Divita of IBM; H. Williams, Institute for Defense Analyses; M. Papillo, The Martin Company; D. Herzog of North America Aviation, Inc.; K. L. Baker, The Raytheon Company; T. G. Paterson, E. J. Richards, A. H. Skaggs, all of R. C. A.; S. Feldman, Shepard's Electronics Marketing; M. L. Weidenbaum, Stanford Research Institute; D. A. Senter, Texas Instruments Corporation; A. S. Glazer, P. L. Hay, G. A. Steiner, University of California, Los Angeles; V. W. McMahill and W. R. Purcell, Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

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