Joachim Ritter

The late Joachim Ritter was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Istanbul.

  • Hegel and the French Revolution

    Hegel and the French Revolution

    Joachim Ritter

    These essays On Hegel's political philosophy are taken from Ritter's influential Metaphysik and Politik. They discuss the importance of Hegel's evaluation of modernity by focusing upon his unique conceptions of property relations, morality, civil society, and the state. Ritter's work has played a seminal role in rekindling interest in Hegel's social and political philosophy. Ritter's clarity of expression makes Hegel's concepts accessible to a wide audience of philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, historians, and others concerned with the legitimacy of modernity, the relation of society and the state, or in Hegel's relation to Marx and other later thinkers.

    This book is in the series Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought.

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