Katherine Archer Smith

  • Survey Research on Comparative Social Change

    A Bibliography

    Frederick W. Frey, Peter Stephenson, and Katherine Archer Smith

    This bibliography contains approximately 1600 original annotations of articles in English-language journals reporting the results of sample survey research in developing countries and cross-national research in developing countries, dealing with the general topic of social change.

    All issues of approximately 260 English-language journals were searched. The annotations attempt to describe fully the methodology employed by the author of the article. A brief statement of the substantive findings is also included.

    The items are organized first by geographic area [Africa, Asia (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia), Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceana, Multiple (Regions)] and under each area by substantive topics. Major substantive topic headings include group and interpersonal relations; cognition, personality and behavior; family, child rearing, role of women; social change, communications, and education; political institutions, attitudes, and behavior; economic behavior and institutions; methodology of survey research. Each of the major topical headings is broken down into numerous subtopical headings.

    The bibliography was organized, formatted, and printed by computer with the use of information-handling subsystems developed by the Technical Information Program (TIP) at M.I.T.

    It is the only comprehensive bibliography bringing together annotated descriptions of articles reporting such research. It is useful both to those seeking reports of research on particular social science topics. The research reported in this bibliography is confined to those studies using survey research as the research tool.

    The bibliography is potentially useful to: all social scientists interested in developing areas, including political scientists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, psychologists; social scientists interested in survey research and cross-national survey research as a research tool; foreign area and country specialists in each of the areas and countries covered in the bibliography.

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