Laurence R. Swain, Jr.

  • High-Power Semiconductor-Magnetic Pulse Generators

    Godfrey T. Coate and Laurence R. Swain, Jr.

    Describing a solid-state circuit technique for generating repetitive high-power pulses, this work presents a flexible design procedure for adopting the technique to a broad range of specific pulse-generator applications. Attention is centered on a basic pulse-generator circuit configuration which provide a concrete basis for the detailed circuit analysis that is presented and which also serves as a starting point for changes in configuration that may be better adapted to fit particular requirements. Two high-power switching elements (silicon-controlled rectifiers and saturable-core inductors) are described in terms of power and energy-switching capacities and switching-loss ratios – general characterizations that are especially useful for design purposes.

    The circuit and switching-element analysis provides the basis for an iterative circuit-design procedure set up to permit repeated evaluation of predicted circuit performance as the design progresses.

    The monograph fulfills a long-standing need for augmenting and updating vacuum- and gas-tube pulse-generator techniques evolved during and shortly after World War II. The solid-state circuit offers the promise of lighter pulse-generator weight and smaller size, as well as higher over-all efficient, longer component life-times, and enhanced reliability.

    Radar pulse-moderator designers and users as well as those concerned with the design of particle accelerators and similar repetitive high-power pulse circuits will be especially interested in this book.

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