Nathan Leites

  • Language of Politics

    Studies in Quantitative Semantics

    Harold D. Lasswell and Nathan Leites

    The republishing of this work was prompted by a renewed demand for the important technical papers it contains. Some of the essays were originally written for the Experimental Division for the Study of Wartime Communication at the Library of Congress during World War II. Together these papers offer a deeper understanding of political power through an analysis of the language of politics and demonstrate the quantitative methods by which this language may be studied. In addition to the discussion of the technical problems and the applications, there are three introductory chapters by Dr. Lasswell.

    The volume includes material on the methods developed for and applied to the detection of propaganda; a reproduction of exhibits prepared for use in the trials of Nazis, Communists, and Fascists; and special researchers on the language of communism, such as the May Day slogans, since 1918.

    Contributors IncludeIrving L. Janis, Abraham Kaplan, Joseph M. Goldsen, Alan Grey, David Kaplan, Alexander Mintz, Raymond Fadner, Sergius Yakobson and Ithiel de Sola Pool

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