Norman Clarke

Norman Clarke was secretary of the first international conference on physics educaction.

  • Why Teach Physics?

    Why Teach Physics?

    Based on Discussions at the International Conference on Physics in General Education, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1963

    Sanborn C. Brown, Norman Clarke, and Jayme Tiomno

    This volume contains the editors' survey of the proceedings of a Conference on Physics in General Education held in Rio de Janeiro in July, 1963.

    This volume contains a readable, condensed, and interpretive account of discussions among physicists from 26 countries from the Conference on Physics in General Education held in Rio de Janeiro in July, 1963. The meeting dealt with physics as part of a liberal education. The serious practical difficulties of teaching physics in a way that is appropriate to this purpose are now widely recognized in those countries that are highly developed scientifically, and many projects have been launched to solve them. Reports on some of these projects were given at the Conference, and still others are referred to in the book. In the comparatively underdeveloped countries, on the other hand, it is still necessary to establish the importance of including physics and other sciences in the curriculum. The book will be useful to all those who are concerned with science education. It will prove particularly useful to science educators working in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

    This was the second conference on education to be organized under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), in association with a number of other national and international organizations. The Conference material was reduced to about one-third of its volume, rearranged, and in instances largely rewritten, so as to present the essence of the formal addresses and discussions in as useful and readable form as possible.

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  • International Education in Physics

    International Education in Physics

    Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics Education

    Sanborn C. Brown and Norman Clarke

    What are acceptable modern standards of instruction in physics? In August, 1960, 86 physicists from 32 nations met at the UNESCO HOUSE in Paris to discuss individual viewpoints and draft resolutions to represent universal thought on this subject. The speeches, papers, dicussions, exhibits, and motion pictures at the Conference mirrored the breadth and contrasts of contemporary physics instruction, vitally important to both scientifically advanced and scientifically underdeveloped nations. Speeches on methods ranged in subject matter from individual teacher-student relations to nationally televised lectures; from preparation for the specialist to techniques for informing the general public; from revision of the traditional curriculum to provision of research facilities for teachers. These suggestions and reports from around the world, presented in this book, will be helpful to all educators, and particularly to those with responsibility for training physicists. Its chapters deal with matters such as testing, selection of students, training of teachers, the use of audio-visual aids, and activities of professional organizations.

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