Patrick Purcell

Patrick Purcell is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College of Science & Technology, London.

  • The Electronic Design Studio

    The Electronic Design Studio

    Architectural Education in the Computer Era

    Malcolm McCullough, William J. Mitchell, and Patrick Purcell

    In four parts this book frames those issues and provides a diversity of perspectives on them.

    For centuries architects have carried out shape computations by hand, using informal procedures and the simplest of tools. Over the last two decades, however, they have made increasing use of more formal procedures executed by computers, a development that raises challenging questions of architectural theory and perplexing issues for those concerned with the future of architectural education. In four parts - theoretical foundations, electronic media in the design studio, information delivery systems for design, and knowledge based design systems - this book frames those issues and provides a diversity of perspectives on them. The Electronic Design Studio contains over thirty extensively illustrated contributions that discuss the experiences of universities in the United States, Europe, Japan, Israel, Canada, and Australia with computer-aided architectural (CAAD) design, articulate current theoretical and practical concerns, provide criticism of media and methods, and suggest directions for the future. Architectural educators and architects concerned with the effect of computer technology on the design process will find this book an indispensable reference. As a current review of the state of the art of CAAD and an overview of the major issues, this is the most comprehensive source available.

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