Virginie Sélavy

  • The End

    The End

    An Electric Sheep Anthology

    Virginie Sélavy

    A bold anthology of writing from acclaimed film magazine Electric Sheep.

    Acclaimed film magazine Electric Sheep presents a bold anthology of new and exclusive writing from cinema's sharpest edge.

    From the gutter to the avant garde, The End brings together a mind-bendingly eclectic programme of films, authors, artists and directors to create a unique new vision of cinema past, present and future.

    Follow us into the darkness and you'll find Bill Morrision's chemical ghosts, the Bad Girls of '50s exploitation films, apocalyptic Nigerian evangelists, shuffling zombies, the human centipede, Kôji Wakamatsu's Japanese nihilists, David Lynch's sonic cinema, Clouzot's lost Inferno, the Brothers Quay, Vincenzo Natali, Ingmar Bergman's final thoughts and more.

    Contributors Jim Harper, Greg Klymkiw, Frances Morgan, James Rose, Jack Sargeant, and more.

    • Paperback $13.95 £11.99