Weiant Wathen-Dunn

  • Models for the Perception of Speech and Visual Form

    Weiant Wathen-Dunn

    Fifty-three papers, dealing with many facets of the problem of modeling the perception of speech or visual form, are presented here with a view to focusing attention on the general principles of organization that underlie perception as a whole. The majority of the leading investigations in the fields of speech and vision – key areas in perception research – have contributed explicit statements of the ongoing activity in their respective fields, assessed the present status of theory and experiment, and presented new and meaningful models of broad application to the perception of speech and visual form.

    Initiates to the science of perception and established workers in the field will discover here reviews of present research and hints at the direction of future activity. The range of articles can accommodate almost and specialized interest, or meet the needs of thoughtful generalization. Universities, corporations, and research laboratories, both in the United States and abroad, are represented by the following contributors:

    R. Jakobson, J. C. R. Licklider, D. M. MacKay, J. F. Schouten, F. Attneave, A. M. Liberman, F. S. Cooper, K. S. Harris, P. F. MacNeilage, M. Studdert-Kennedy, K. N. Stevens, M. Halle, J. Morton, D. E. Broadbent, C. G. M. Fant, W. R. A. Muntz, B. Julesz, H. Blum, S. J. Campanella, R. Capranica, E. C. Carterette, R. B. Chaney, Jr., E. R. Clarke, M. B. Clowes, A. Cohen, E. L. R. Corliss, D. C. Coulter, P. B. Denes, J. A. Deutsch, P.C. Dodwell, G. Ettlinger, J. W. Falter, G. H. Fisher, H. Freeman, L. S. Frishkopf, O. Fujimura, H. G. Furth, M. H. Goldstein, Jr., R. L. Gregory, R. N. Haber, M. P. Haggard, A. Hein, R. Held, J. F. Hemdal, R. H. Henneman, M. B. Herscher, M. Hershenson, C. I. Howarth, G. W. Hughes, M. Kabrisky, D. Kahneman, L. Kaufman, W. Kessen, P. A. Kolers, D. C. Lai, P. Lieberman, K. N. Leibovic, J. H. McFarland, T. Marill, T. B. Martin, R. J. Massa, S. R. Mathews, H. Munsinger, A. L. Nelson, S. R. Petrick, R. M. Pickett, A. Rosenfeld, S. Sternberg, N. S. Sutherland, G. Tenery, L. Traister, J. C. Webster, J. R. Whitman, H. Yilmaz, J. Youniss, H. J. Zadell

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