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Enter for a chance to win a copy of Drawing Thought, a pack of Ultra Soft Derwent drawing pencils, and a sketchpad

3D cover of Drawing ThoughtTo enter, submit your drawing of one of the three prompts from Drawing Thought

  • Perception: With pencils in both hands, close your eyes. What do you hear? Use the pressure of the pencil to indicate sound. Try using simple lines to mirror wave frequencies, or draw shapes and gestures suggested by the sounds you hear.
  • Seeing Shapes: Make curvy or pointy lines that move across the paper and cross over one another. Fill the shapes with varieties of patterns and textures. Try to use dark and light transitions in certain shapes. Change the size, density, and/or pressure of your marks to change their value.
  • Doodle Birds: Make a scribble. Then make at least four more or as many as you have room for. Look at your first scribble and add a dot (an eye). Keep looking. Add new shapes to indicate feet and a beak. Do the same for your other scribbles. Now, add more scribbles to indicate other creatures—monsters, dinosaurs, flowers. Let your imagination do the drawing!

Submissions will be randomly selected, and three  winners will be chosen by the author.

We can't wait to see what you think up!

Get inspired with author Andrea Kantrowitz as she completes the Seeing Shape exercise

Examples from the MIT Press

Birds activity with multiple birds labeled
swirling shapes drawing in ink with drawings of eyes
birds drawn in marker on office wall
organic shapes and curves drawn in pencil
organic pen drawing with faces and curves


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