Book launch: “We, The Data” with Wendy H. Wong (In-person)

Campbell Conference Facility, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As we go about our lives, we are co-creating data through what we do. And while our data-intensive world is here to stay, does it come at the cost of... READ MORE

Free – $25

Our Ancient Lakes : A Natural History (Online)

The unexpected diversity, beauty, and strangeness of life in ancient lakes—some millions of years old—and the remarkable insights the lakes are yielding about the causes of biodiversity.Most lakes are less... READ MORE


David Orr at Seattle Town Hall (In-person)

Town Hall Seattle 1119 8th Ave, Seattle, Washington, United States

Professor David Orr includes the words of scholars and political leaders in his book of essays that address the problems confronting current political systems.


Manuel Lima at DesignThinkers 2023 (In-Person)

Meridian Hall 1 FRONT ST E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DesignThinkers is Canada’s largest graphic design conference. It brings together visionaries from a range of disciplines to explore creativity, the design process, the future of design and design thinking. The... READ MORE

$125 – $625

authors@mit presents “Diversity Dividend” (In-person)

The Nexus (14S-130) 160 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

From entry-level to the boardroom, what works to create large-scale change in organizations looking to accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and reap financial benefits. Every leader endeavors to... READ MORE


Dr. Jeff Fuhrer at Acton Lions Club (In-person)

Rapscallion Table & Tap Rapscallion 5 Strawberry Hill Rd, Acton, Massachusetts, United States

Dr. Jeff Fuhrer, retired executive vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Discussion of Jeff’s new book “The Myth That Made Us: How False Beliefs about Racism and Meritocracy Broke... READ MORE


Tackling Disinformation and Misinformation (In-person)

MIT Museum 314 Main Street, Gambrill Center, Building E-28, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Disinformation and misinformation are having a profound impact on American society. Join us for a conversation between Lee McIntyre, author of On Disinformation: How to Fight for Truth and Protect Democracy,... READ MORE


Michael Chae Seminar on Macroeconomic Policy – Jeff Fuhrer(In-person)

Littauer Center 79 John F. Kennedy St Littauer Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

This seminar will feature presentations on current macroeconomic policy issues by Economics Department faculty and invited outsider speakers.  Specific topics will include (among others) tax reform, fiscal policy, monetary policy... READ MORE

Steven Skaggs Presents: The Hidden Factor (In-person)

Carmichael's Bookstore 2720 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, Kentucky, United States

We usually think of graphic design as the combining of images and words to communicate to a public. We also think of artists working with images and writers with words.... READ MORE