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Glenn McGee

Glenn McGee is Professor of Medical Ethics, Philosophy, and History and Sociology of Science; Associate Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania; and a Fellow of the Leonard Davis Institute of the Wharton School of Business. He is the editor of The American Journal of Bioethics (MIT Press) and the coeditor, with Arthur Caplan, of the MIT Press Basic Bioethics series.

Titles by This Editor

Reflections on Health and Beneficence

Definitions of health and disease are of more than theoretical interest. Understanding what it means to be healthy has implications for choices in medical treatment, for ethically sound informed consent, and for accurate assessment of policies or programs. This deeper understanding can help us create more effective public policy for health and medicine. It is notable that such contentious legal initiatives as the Americans with Disability Act and the Patients' Bill of Rights fail to define adequately the medical terms on which their effectiveness depends.

Edited by Glenn McGee

Modern scientific and medical advances bring new complexity and urgency to ethical issues in health care and biomedical research. This book applies the American philosophical theory of pragmatism to such bioethics. Critics of pragmatism argue that it lacks a universal moral foundation. Yet it is this very lack of a metaphysical dividing line between facts and values that makes pragmatism such a rigorous and appropriate method for solving problems in bioethics.