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Richard Meehan

Richard Meehan is an adjunct professor in the Values, Technology, Science, and Society program at Stanford University.

Titles by This Author

Experts, Earthquakes, and Nuclear Power

With wit and thoughtful compassion, Richard Meehan presents one of the most perplexing of contemporary moral predicaments, one that arises in every attempt to assess potentially hazardous technologies. He focuses on the longrunning controversy over suspected earthquake faults near the nation's first corporately owned nuclear test reactor at Vallecitos, California, and uses this account of "the politics of expertise" to probe the nature of scientific truth and its relationship to the determination of public safety.

"What is it," a friend of Meehan's once asked, "that you engineers actually do?"

The nine stories in this book, drawn from different periods and episodes in the author's life, clearly and entertainingly convey both the human and technical sides of an engineering education and the life of a consulting engineer. Meehan, who carried a journal with him during the course of his work, brings a quite different perspective to ordinary and extraordinary situations.