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Siegfried Kracauer

The works of Siegfried Kracauer (1889–1966) translated into English include Theory of Film; The Salaried Masses; The Mass Ornament; History; and From Caligari to Hitler.

Titles by This Author

Siegfried Kracauer's biography of the composer Jacques Offenbach is a remarkable work of social and cultural history. First published in German in 1937 and in English translation in 1938, the book uses the life and work of Offenbach as a focal point for a broad and penetrating portrayal of Second Empire Paris. Offenbach's immensely popular operettas have long been seen as part of the larger historical amnesia and escapism that pervaded Paris in the aftermath of 1848. But Kracauer insists that Offenbach's productions must be understood as more than glittering distractions.