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Paperback | $32.00 Short | £22.95 | ISBN: 9780262640213| March 1982

The Atom Beseiged

Extraparlimentary Dissent in France and Germany


Broadly based antinuclear movements made their voices heard in both France and Germany in recent years. In France, the movement had virtually no effect. In Germany, it imposed a moratorium on nuclear power development. This study of the social and political differences between the two countries explains why.


"The authors present "the details of the French and German political, legal, and administrative structures in a way that is illuminating to readers lacking background information on European politics. The volume also usefully documents the licensing procedures in both countries, the history and organization of the antinuclear groups, and the development of legal proceedings."

"The chief merit of Nelkin and Pollak's book is its attempt at comparative analysis of the nuclear opposition in two countries. Through discussion of the French and German antinuclear movements and the governmental responses, the work not only allows an understanding of the nature of the nuclear opposition, but also provides insights into the different political processes of France and the German Federal Republic."
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