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Hardcover | Out of Print | ISBN: 9780262111652 | 240 pp. | 6 x 8.8 in | June 1992
Paperback | $29.00 Short | £21.95 | ISBN: 9780262611091 | 240 pp. | 6 x 8.8 in | February 1995

Currencies and Crises


Currencies and Crises brings together Paul Krugman's work on international monetary economics from the late 1970s to the present, in an effort to make sense of a turbulent period that, in Krugman's words, "involved one surprise after another, most of them unpleasant." The eleven essays cover such key areas as the role of exchange rates in balance-of-payments adjustment policy, the role of speculation in the functioning of exchange-rate regimes, third world debt, and the construction of an international monetary system.

About the Author

Paul Krugman is Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University and a New York Times columnist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2008.


“"The papers included in this collection reveal the breadth of Krugman'swork in international monetary economics. . . . [This] is a book that anyoneinterested in international monetary economics can refer to repeatedly in thecourse of his or her career. As such, it ought not to gather dust on anybookshelf." Andreas Savides , The Journal of Economics