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Paperback | $37.00 Short | £25.95 | ISBN: 9780262533096 | 384 pp. | 6 x 9 in | March 2009

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Ethics, Politics, and Democracy

From Primordial Principles to Prospective Practices
Edited by Jose V. Ciprut


This volume examines continuities and change in the normative underpinnings of both ancient and modern practices of political governance, public duties, private virtues, and personal rights and responsibilities. As such, it stands at the multi-disciplinary intersection between the practice of democratic citizenship and the exercise of political ethics. Interlinked chapters address law and morality in history, from Ancient Mesopotamia and Enlightenment Europe to modern America; the new millennium's scientific and technological transformations; evolving links among different systems of belief; and complex ethical issues in domestic and international democratic governance, in varying contexts, across today's globalizing world.

About the Editor

Jose V. Ciprut is a social systems scientist and an international political economist. His expertise is in national development, regional security, international relations, and the global political economy. As independent scholar and seminar director, he is the convening editor also of The Art Of The Feud: Reconceptualizing International Relations, and Of Fears And Foes: Security and Insecurity in a Globalizing International Political Economy.