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Paperback | $58.00 Short | £39.95 | ISBN: 9780262631501 | 413 pp. | 7 x 9.1 in | July 1993

Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces

Edited by Mark T. Maybury


This collection of original contributions reports on key advances in intelligent (knowledge-based) user interfaces that exploit multiple media - text, graphics, maps - and multiple modalities - visual, auditory, gestural - to facilitate human-computer interaction. Chapters are grouped into three sections that address automated presentation design, intelligent multimedia interfaces, and architectural and theoretical issues.

Although humans have a natural facility for managing and exploiting multiple input and output media, computers do not. Consequently, providing machines with the ability to interpret multimedia input and generate multimedia output would be a valuable facility for a number of key applications such as information retrieval and analysis, training and decision support. Successful intelligent multimedia interfaces require theories and technologies from a host of disciplines, including computational linguistics, computer graphics, cognitive science, human computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work - all of them represented in this collection.

Mark T. Maybury is Director of the Bedford Artificial Intelligence Center and Associate Department Head of Advanced Information Systems Technology at The MITRE Corporation.

About the Editor

Mark Maybury is Executive Director of the Information Technology Division at the MITRE Corporation.