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Architectural History Foundation Book

Architecture and Urbanism

Drawing on previously untapped notarial archives in Paris's Minutier central, Hilary Ballon provides a rich and original account of the crucial period between 1605 and 1610 when Paris was transformed from a medieval city decimated by war and neglect into a modern capital.

Visions of a New Architecture

Robert Sweeney has meticulously researched the textile block system, providing a case-by-case account of each project, commenting on Wright's clients, collaborators, and contractors, and positioning Wright's experiment firmly within the larger historical context of concrete block technology.

Rome and Paris in the Late Baroque
The Architecture of George Edmund Street

This is the first book devoted exclusively to Street and his greatest work, the Royal Law Courts in the Strand.

This final volume contains the personal reflections, criticisms of other's work, and self-criticisms of Le Corbusier's maturity.