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Artificial Intelligence Series

A System for Representing and Using Real-World Knowledge

The system presented in this book consists of two more-or-less independent parts. The first is the system's parallel network memory scheme; the second part of the knowledge-base system presented here is NETL, "a vocabulary of conventions and processing algorithms—in some sense, a language—for representing various kinds of knowledge as nodes and links in the network...."

Experiments in Real-Time Intelligent Control

This tour de force in experimental robotics describes the first robot able to play, and even beat, human ping-pong players.

Studies in Limited Rationality

The authors argue that a new theoretical foundation for artificial intelligence can be constructed in which rationality is a property of "programs" within a finite architecture, and their behavior over time in the task environment, rather than a property of individual decisions.

A Constructivist Approach to Artificial Intelligence
A Mathematical Investigation of the Common Sense Law of Inertia
Computers and the Comprehension of Causal Descriptions
A View from the Lexicon

This work elucidates the structure and complexity of human language in terms of the mathematics of information and computation.

This book describes experimental advances made in the interpretation of visual motion over the last few years that have moved researchers closer to emulating the way in which we recover information about the surrounding world.

The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics
A Computer Model of Integrated Processing for Narrative Comprehension
Planning and Control

The book brings together nineteen papers of fundamental importance to the development of a science of robotics.

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