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Cognitive Psychology

Cognition of Brief Visual Stimuli

The investigation of what people understand and remember from rapidlypresented sequences of visual stimuli began in the late 1960s. In this book, prominent researchers approach the topic from psychological, neuropsychological, and electrophysiological perspectives.

From Speech Perception to a Behavioral Principle

Proposes an invariant law of pattern recognition to describe how continuously perceived information such as speech input is processed to achieve perception of a category.

This posthumous volume, the culmination of a long and distinguished career, brings together an original essay by the author together with a careful selection of previously published articles (most by Rock) on the theory that perception is an indirect process in which visual experience is derived by inference, rather than being directly and independently determined by retinal stimulation.


A Dynamic Systems Approach to Development explores the value of dynamical systems principles for solving the enduring puzzles of development, including the ultimate source of change, the problems of continuity and discontinuities, and nonlinear outcomes and individual differences.